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  • MetaTron  v.1.2Multiplayer Tron clone for up to 10 Players on one Machine. Drive on the game grid against your human and computer opponents. Try to kill the others, and to survive yourself. Absolutely addictive mutiplayer action.
  • CyberDweller  v.1.1CyberDweller : a multiplayer SimCity clone with web based interface. Game in progress 50x50 map, 20% water, 20% hills, 100 user limit (95 open as at Nov 16 2001 - sign up now, game has ...
  • Blender AATools  v.1.0Armagetron Advanced modding tools! Armagetron is a Tron-clone in 3D that provides a unique gameplay experience. AATools allows you to edit the visual data for Armagetron Advanced from within Blender, a comprehensive, open-source 3d graphics ...
  • Multi-user Stratego  v.rcA multiplayer 'stratego' clone with peer-peer player capabilities. Made in the'eXtreme programming' software development ...
  • Huxley  v.1.0Huxley is a open source singleplayer/multiplayer tetris clone.
  • WortopiaBot  v.1.0WortopiaBot is a program that can solve Boggle games in a really fast and efficient way. This version is optimized for the online multiplayer Boggle-clone Wortopia ( and solves it with an accuracy of 100%.
  • Bomberbastards  v.32Bomberbastards is a multiplayer bomberman clone with extended maps and lua scripting for AI players and custom game objects. Currently windows and linux are supported. SDL is used for the graphics.
  • Snake 2.0 (eclipse edition)  v.1.0Snake 2.0: A next generation multiplayer snake clone based on Java SWT. Runs standalone and as eclipse plugin. Core features include local and remote multiplayer, several sorts of "eatable" items, level collections, sounds and different ...
  • IceCream Tron  v.010Giga Crime Fighting Mecha Gelato-Bots: The Supreme Icecream-Tron Revolution 8,000,000. A top-down adventure game with three themes; mecha, anime and icecream. This project hopes to evolve with action/rpg/multiplayer elements like classic console ...
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